1.What type of products does OMNI manufacture for its customers?

    OMNI has a range of aerosol contract manufacturing capabilities. For example, industrial and home cleaners including body sprays, deodorants and insecticides.

2.As a new customer, how can I get started at OMNI?

    Call our sales department at +1(868) 221-7949, 221-8699 or fax us at +1(868) 222-4134 . You can submit a request for more information or a quotation via our website by clicking HERE.

3.As a customer at OMNI how will my business be managed?

    Your Account will be assigned to a team. This team is responsible for receiving all purchase orders and forecasts and insuring that the information is communicated to scheduling, production, warehousing and shipping.

4.What propellants are available?

    Aerosol Grade Hydrocarbon Propellants ranging from 31psig. to 110psig. Supplied by a local facility, ensuring prompt, secure and timely deliveries. The feed-stock for these supplies is totally indigenous.

5.Who is the supplier of the Active ingredients used in OMNI's Aerosol Insecticides?

    For its Aerosol Insecticides, OMNI, depends on Sumitomo Chemical Corp. in Japan, for the supply of Active Ingredients and the relevant Technical Support.